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Our Own research

Projects in The Critical Care Centre

This section describes our current research programs that were developed within our new Critical Care Centre. These projects are supported by the King's College Hospital Charity.


UK NAVA is an HTA funded multicentre randomised controlled trial designed to test the clinical effectiveness of neural drive monitoring and neurally -adjusted ventilatory assist. The principle investigator is Dan Hadfield.

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 22.32.06.png


INSIGHT is an NIHR-funded trial designed to test the feasibility and effectiveness of a scheduled ultrasound protocol in critical care delivered by a nurse-led interprofessional group. The principle investigator is Ele Corcoran.

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FRESH-AIR is a research program designed to develop the clinical effectiveness of the Critical Care Centre Roof Garden. Which patients should use it? How long should patients be in the garden? The Chief Investigator is Dr Phil Hopkins

Flower Field



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These three studies are being conducted by Professor Hutchings and Dr Wong. Dr Rory McDonald is principle investigator. This group of trials are examining macro and microcirculation, including renal perfusion. 

Macro and Micro Circulatory Research

Liver Research

Research in liver critical care is led by multiple investigators including Professor Will Bernal; Dr Mark McPhail; Professor Julia Wendon; Dr Georg Auzinger; Dr Tasneem Pirani; Dr Sameer Patel. They collaborate closely with other liver institute investigators such as Professor Kosh Agarwal and Dr Vish Patel. 

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