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ACET - Our NIHR Research

What we do

The ACET Research Delivery Unit work in King's Critical Care to support the NIHR Research Delivery Network (RDN). We are required to deliver  research from the UK Critical Care Speciality Group. This includes Portfolio and Commercial Research. 



Research is a part of clinical practice and a component of healthcare delivery through the NHS  using funding from DHSC. Critical Care services that participate in research have better outcomes than those who do not. /understanding the strengths and limitations of research also means we can apply the evidence base. We also want to ensure that the developing evidence base includes patients from Kings. Finally, by delivering research on behalf of the NIHR we learn how to ask good research questions and how to better answer them so that we can develop our own research. 


Why we do it


The ACET research delivery team have an important role in educating and training the critical care service to understand how to allow our patients to safely participate in research. the team also disseminate the output of previous research and how this informs and improves the current evidence base in King's Critical Care. ACET also support all our professionals who are Principle Investigators and Associate Principle Investigators.

Clinical Care

The ACET Research Delivery Team ensure the clinical safety of our patients when they are participating in research and ensure we adhere to Good Clinical Practice and the core Helsinki Principles. Research is part of clinical intensive care medicine. Often interventions involve medical devices or medications that need specific focus. Critical Care trials need dedicated 

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

The ACET research delivery unit team have a key role to play in ensuring that all research we conduct permits equality diversity and inclusion. Put simply, critical care trials must ensure that they are representing all patients from all backgrounds. This includes patients with complex psycho-social backgrounds; all ethnic backgrounds; presence of prior mental health disorder.

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