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ICU Nurses & AHPs

Advocate for patient

Having a good understanding of our research is important in being a key patient advocate, particularly where a patient is critically ill without capacity. This requires some experience since an ICU nurse may have to balance providing an opportunity for all patients to be offered the possibility of research, but also that we always prioritise best interests.


Patient Safety

Research interventions should be treated like any other ICU intervention. Safety and potential risk should always be considered. Our research delivery team are very experienced in helping the bedside nurses to mitigate risk. 

Awareness of Current research & evidence base from previous research

It is vital that all ICU staff are aware of our research portfolio so that patients can be identified and studies supported. The CQC will also expect all grades of nurse to have a good understanding of the research taking place in our ICUs. Further, it is important that nurses are leading and participating in our research. Better understanding of published research and the limitations of this evidence provides ICU nurses and AHPs with a better understanding of how decisions in supportive care might be taken. The basis for new guidelines and recommendations can also be better understood which increases the translation of new evidence into effective practice.


Own Research

Nurses and AHPs who have a good understanding of current research are more likely to develop their own research ideas, and also determine research projects that are more feasible and patient-centred.

Can I get more involved?


Ensure you are aware of the current trials we are doing and improve the quality and safety of these trials (as above)

Become a Principle Investigator - this means you would lead on a national study at KCH: this would work best if it involved a research question that was centered on something related to nursing or AHP workflow

Become an Associate Principle Investigator - this role supports the PI, and provides you with some specific training and certification. It lasts for 6 months. More information is available on these links:


Do Good Clinical Practice Training:

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