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King's Critical Care Research


Welcome to the King's Critical Care Research Website. The site highlights both our own research and our participation in the NIHR Critical Care Speciality Group Portfolio studies.

Research must be a part of usual NHS care. Conducting research in intensive care is important for many reasons. It allows us to improve treatments and supportive care or stop other interventions that may not be effective (or even harmful). Also intensive care units that do research have a better understanding of the existing evidence base; can better ask research questions; acquire additional resources and may provide better overall care.

Important principles for all of our research are that the research question must be important to ICU patients, relatives & staff and answerable in the context of King's Critical Care. Research questions must also be clear and easily understood by patients, relatives and critical care staff. 

We also want to ensure that there is equality, diversity and inclusion across all research we do. This also means ensuring that research questions around subjects like critical illness associated with mental health disorder; disability; social deprivation; and end-of-life/bereavement must be included. Long-term rehabilitation/outcomes are as important as resuscitation/survival outcomes.

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